Avraham Shiye Bar
Chief slaughterer in the Shtetl Turisk.

Avraham Shiye was born in 1881 in Turisk. He was the son of Of a slaughterer family in generations.His father Pinie(Pinhas) Was a slaughterer in Turisk when his father passed away. Avraham Shtye attendet the yeshiva in Turisk, specialized in the trade, and moved to the Shtetl Kashyvki. He married Hana of Torchen. Than he was given the Job of slaughterer in the city Kostopol. There he served several years, until asked to accept the job in Turisk. Avraham Shiye was an orthodox Jew. In spite of it he did not prevent his sons and daughter to be active in the Zionist and Hashomer Hazahir organizations. During the years of Soviet rule, who hated Zionism, his house Became the center of the Zionists underground, His wife Hana, Cooperated with the underground. They were killed in September 1942 while sharing the fate of all the Jewish community of Turisk.