Leib Arie Olizky
Yiddish Writer and Poet
L. A. Olizky a writer, poet, tales, fables in Yiddish, and translator to Yiddish of works from Russian and Polish literature. He was born in the year 1894 in Turisk, Region of Wollyn Poland today Ukraine,his parents were Ortodox Jews.The three brothers were brought up religious,but open minded. L.Olizky attendet the "Cheider", finished a Yeshive, where he studied also, general studies and languages, s.a.Polish, Polish literature and Russian. In Turisk he became the mainstay of "Zisha" Yiddish school. It was the first school in the region to teach in Yiddish. Later only one more Yiddish teaching school,was foundet in the region there he brought up and educated generations of students in the Yiddish culture. He was among the initiators of the "Culture Association", the Yiddish library,and the Amateur troup Yiddish shows. Yiddish culture flourished, thanks to L.Olizky and his brothers. Turisk became famous all over Poland as a castle of Yiddish culture. Leib Olizky started to create in Yiddish as a youngster,in the beginning of the 20 th century. He wrote his first novels and tales under the impression of the events, and suffer the community went trough in the dark years of the first world war. In the thirties he went to Warshaw the capitol of Poland, the center of Yiddish culture. Soon He integrated and was among the most popular and valued Yiddish writers of that time. Thanks to his talent many young writers joined in the Yiddish activities.

In the years of His being a teacher He continued to create: Stories for children, He published a book of fabls for children. in those years he ttanslated Adam Mizkiewich and Ulian Toubin From Polish and Poushkin and the Fabls of Kirilof,from Russian when Germany invaded Russia,He fled with his family to east Russia, the Bashkiry Republic, working hard labor from1942 till 1945. L. Olizky joined a staff of military hospital, till the end of the war. He returned to Poland, trying to continue his work. With hopes to be a part of Jewish intellectuals who tried to start a new Jewish community life in Poland. Very soon He understood that it is an impossible task. In 1959 He left with his family to Israel, living and creating in Givatayim near Tel-Aviv. L. Olizky wrote and published over forty works, tales, Novels, Poems etc. Only three of his works, were translated to Hebrew. Baruch Olizky ,the brother of Leib,a writer and poet was killed by Germans in the Holoccaust. Matys Olizky the youngest brother of Leib, a poet, survived the holocaust in Russia. He wrote and published a number of Poems, songs for children. Lives and still creating in the U.S.A.