Dr. Moshe Markuzi.
Dr. Moshe Marcusi was born in Germany in 1745. He studied medicine at the Heidelberg University. When he graduated and being influenced by the "Askala" movement ideology, he decided that after a short period of experimental work in Germany he will go to Poland, to live in the periphery,among the poor Jewish people So in 1774 he left for Poland, lived and practisised in the little town Kapoust. He was appointed physician to the Shtetl Turisk by the "Crown" the treasury of Poland. He soon was the subject of admiration by the poor Jewish Population in Turisk. To them he dedicated most of his time, some times, with no payment. There he become avare of the very hard health state of the poor Jewish population. He initiated a research, investigated several of the diseases widespread among them. He became famous and admired in all the region as the "Angel." His research and experience he registered in Yiddish in his diary. After several years of work, the Polish magnat and friend Michael Bobrovsky, convinced him, and supported economicly to publish his findings in a book. The book was published in the Yiddish language, the title: "Oser Israel" to Jews in Poland. In the preface he explains: This book I am dedicating to "Keal Israel" the Jewish masses, so that they teach and learn and help themselves since they live in remote pheripherial places, where doctors cannot be found, in order, with help of this book, to prevent people from getting ill of common deseases. Recommendations to use the book werepublished by rebe Mordhay of Turisk and rabi Mordhay Cahane of Kovel.
in order to convince orthodox Jews to use it. In his book Dr. Moshe Markusi guides the user in the most basic elementary domestic hygienic medicine. Dr. Markusy with his daring approach against folly believes spread among the Jews in the peripherial provinces in east Europe. Dr. Moshe Markusi lived in Turisk among the Jewish people, for many years. He was involved in their every day life,around all those years. He tried to help them solve prolems and overcome troubles.He was a pioneer to use the spokenYiddish language to write a medicine book.This isconsidered theconnecting thread between the Yiddish language of the 18th century and the modern Yiddish language of the 20th century. "Oser Israel" was the first medicine book published in Yiddish and remains the only one until today!