Matys Olizki
The poet Matys Olizki waas born in Turisk in 1915in a traditional, but liberal family. He was the younger brother of the writer Leib Olizki and Baruch Olizki. By the end of the second World War, he attendet the "modern cheider" Where there studied also mathematics and languages. He Was very talented. As a young pupil he secretly read general literature. When the first Jewish school was erectet, and Hebrew and Yiddish became studying languages he was among the first to study there. In 1926 When the Zionists decided to be a part of the "Tarbut" network, the "Bundists" founded a separate school. With Yiddish as the teaching language and Joined the "Zisho" Network. Leib Olizki became the headmaster, so Matis joined the new school for good. After graduating he studied and finished the teachers seminar of the "Zisho" network. Soon he began to write and Poetry for children And publish in childrens newspapers , study books for children and collections. In September 1939 when the Soviet army took Turisk, they ordered to shut down the Hebrew school and all the Zionst institutions. Matys became a teacher in the Yiddish teaching school.
When in June 1942 the Germans invaded Russia he joined a group of Jews to leave Turisk with the retreating Soviet army. When, after a long and risky journey they came to Kirgizistan. During the years of the war he was forced to work hard labor, he fall sick for monthes, and Sonia was keeping wath at his bed. They got married, and when the war finished the went back to Poland. With his brother Leib and other intellectuals they tried to resurrect the Jewish culture in PolandůMatys Olizki managed to publish two collections (books) of poetry.After a short while they left for occupaied Germany,living in a camp of displaced refugees. There he continued to write and publish his works. In the early fifthies they immigrated (Matys,Sonia and son) To the U.S.A. and settled in N.Y. He continued his work and published his poetry, stories in the Yiddish newspapers and Journals. For his living he is continuing partly to teach. Three of his collections were published in Israel. According to his friends he lives now in a nursing house in N.Y.