Avraham Oyvental
The author Avraham Oyvental was born in Turisk in 1903. He was the brother of the poet, Zisie Weinper. The family was Orthodox and his father was the head cantor in the synagogue of Rabbi Leibele of Turisk. As a young pupil he attended the "cheider" and continued in a Yeshiva. As a young Yeshiva student he began secretly studying general studies and foreign languages. As a very young student he began writing stories and tales. The stories he wrote were mainly for children and were very popular among the young pupils. In 1926, with the help of his brother, the poet Zoosie Weinper, he immigrated to the United States. He worked and studied and the successfully graduated from the Seminar for Yiddish teachers and became a teacher. He became a very prolific writer and was published in monthly journals of literature such as, Zukunft, Studio, tag, and "Kinder Journals." A. Oyvental started to collect his works, but sadly he did not survive to see his works published. He died in 1939, at the very young age of 33.