Arie Tabacay (Tabachendler)
Arie (Leibel) Tabacay (Tabachendler) was born in Turisk in 1906. He attended the traditional "Cheider," Then studied in a modern "Yeshiva." Back in Turisk he joined the Zionist Socialist "Halutz" Pioneer Organization. He started his literary career while living in Turisk. He was active with the Zionist youth as he awaited documents of then ‘Palestinian’ authorities. In 1935 he immigrated to Palestine and joined Kibbutz "Givat Hashlosha". He was a firm believer in the "Ber Borochov Doctrine” to convert the structure of the Jewish people’s pyramid which was based on business class to a structure based on the working class and agriculture. As a pioneer he strived to be a model by changing his way of life and convince others to become farmers or workers in industry, etc.
The kibbutz decided that Tabacay become a longshoreman at the new Tel Aviv harbor where he worked very hard. He continued his literary work in these conditions. His first book of novels, Home and Sea, was published in 1941. He was among the first to join the “Hebrew Brigade". He served until the end of the Second World War in spite his age. He believed in self-fulfillment of the Idea. The second book of novels was, A Full Life, was published in 1953. Arie Tabacay continued to tell his stories. There was, The Hard Working Man and Farmer and The Longshoremen from Saloniki Always in the Center.
All of his characters were drawn from all the different layers of Israeli society. Arie Tabacay was a son of our Turisk Shtetl and knew from the inside about the intricacies and diversity of Turisk. He depicted them with great love for the Jews and their vibrant way of life. He passed away in-------------