Yohanan Tversky
The Hebrew writer Yohanan Tversky was born in Turisk in 1901. His Grand father was the Rabbi Yaacov Leib (the Tversky family). His father Nahum Tversky was a Chassidic Rabbi in Warsaw and was killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust. Yohanan spent his childhood years in Turisk. When he finished the Yeshiva he vent to Warsaw. He studied at home with private teachers, according to the tradition of the Chassidic. He studied the holy books, languages, and other general studies.
While studying languages he was drawn to Hebrew and decided to speak to everyone only Hebrew! He was 17 years old during the First World War when he met Czechoslovakian officer, who was a prisoner of war and who taught him Ancient Greek and old Roman languages. In 1915 he entered the Hebrew high school in Odessa. When anti-Jewish riots started in the beginning of the First World War, the family left for shelter in Bessarabia. There he became a Hebrew teacher for the refugee children. He wrote stories in Yiddish and Hebrew and translated to Hebrew. In 192- he went to Berlin and studied religious philosophy as an academic student and aesthetics.
Continuing his met the poet Bialik in Berlin who supported him spiritually and financially. After finishing his studies he immigrated with mother and sister to the United States. He had a very hard time financially and adjusting to live in the USA. He was appointed lecturer in a seminar for women teachers in the "Tarbut" school in New-York. He studied at Harvard University and was appointed Professor of Israeli History. During that time he wrote mainly historical novels and biographies. For his book, "Alfred Dreyfuss" he was awarded the "LAMED" award. His best known works are, "The Virgin from Ludmir", "Uriel Dacosta", "Where is Ararat Land?", What I Choose". In 1945 he went to live in Israel. He was appointed editor of the publishing company "Dvir", There he continued his work until he died.