Yehezkel Zummerblit

Was born in Turisk in 1921. His parents- father David his mother Reizel' were a laboriously family. His father was a high Skilled builder. His mother was a seamstress, and instructor of The trade, to young girls. As a child Yehezkel attendet the heider and then became a student to the "Zisha" Yiddish school. After graduating became apprentice and worker, joined the Jordan group of Hashomer- Hazair, and was very active. Several monthes after the Russian occupation he was mobilized to the Red Army. Since The first days of the Nazi invasion he was fighting on the front. He was heavy wounded, more than six months in hospital… While still wounded, returned to the unit on the front, continued Fighting until the Victory day. He was decorated with several marks of distinction, among them, the important – Red Star. When the war finished he immigrated to Palestine and became member of the Moshav Kfar Baruh. He was a farmer, he loved the trade, and lived there with his family, wife, two sons and daughter till his death in 1991. His son Shmulik dyied while serving in ZaHAL.