Hershel Sthearb
A social and culture activist.

Hershel Sthearb the eldest son to his father Sucher and mother Hana Sthearb, was born in Turisk in 23/12/1915. a family of seven Children. The father was a tailor and well supported his family. He was a taylor who provided ready made cloth. The family was religious but not orthodox. The father was among the first parents to send his children to the "Zisho"school. Hershel like all Jewish kids atendet the Heyder. He was very talented and arouse expectations… when graduating continued study while working in his fathers workshop. He became socially involved and very active culturally among the youth of the Bund. His vigorous activities arouse by bad mitake suspicions of illegal anti Polish activities. Hershel was arrested and sentenced to many years of prison. He was sent to the worsiest concentration camp"kartusa- Bereska." There he was given to tortures, hunger and diseases. In September 1939 when the Nazis invaded Poland, he was freed and returned home very sick. When the Red Army took Turisk Hershel became again active , but the good times did not last long…In june 1941 the Nazis attacked Russia, the defeated Red Army retreated, and masses of citizens followed.. The father Sucher bought two horses with a cart,all the family some other Turitians with them started the long and terrible march to the east. Day and night the Germans bombarded the ways, many were dead and wounded, no food and sickness, the horses could not continue, they walked and found a human who allowed them to join the train,till arriving to a kolkhoz in Uzbekistan. The family stayed there till the end of the War. Hershel survived very ill. When the war finished, Hershel with united family left for Poland. From there they immigrated to Israel. Hershel could not integrate and went with his wife and children to U.S.A. There he lived until the last day of his life. According to His last wish, His family brought his body to Israel. He was buried in the Moshav Kfar Boruch.