Neta Wainer
Head of the community of Turisk.

Neta Wainer was born in Turisk in 1882 to his father Yeshaayahu and mother Reisel. His grandfather was one Of the gabbai,s in the "Magids court".He ovned a small brick factory, for his living. His father Yeshaayahu took to the factory managing,there were "rumors" that He is not a Hassid any more… Neta went to the "heider", continued studies at the Yeshiva of Lublin and graduated as "Rav." When his father passed avay Neta returned home, to manage the bricks factory. While home he joined a group of youngsters,Yeshiva graduated, influenced by the Zionist and progressive ideas, aspirations to modernize the community life. When getting married in 1909 Neta with the others initiated the errection of a school for Jewish children with teaching languages :Hebrew and Yiddish. The orthodox leaders proclaimed a boycott on them,they were forced to build a new "Zionist " Synagogue. This was how he started his social activity. After the Polish occupation, the "Kehila"reorganized and In 1924 he was elected head of the "Kehila,"and served with intervals three terms. He was the initiator of the idea to join the "Tarbut" Zionist school net, to impose the Zionist upbringing, the founding of the Hebrew library. During years he supported financially the Hebrew school. During years Neta was among the organizing the social activities in the "Kehila."In the beginning of the thirties the bricks factory was burned down, with no chance to restore the factory.The six Wainer children who spoke Hebrew, and were members in Hashomer Hazair and dreamed to immigrate to Palestine, all beside one of them remained in Turisk. Neta Wainer his wife Pessia ,daughter shoshana and the two youngest sons Simon and Pesach were killed In the Holocoust in 1942 together with all 5500 Turiscians.