Yaacov Shcherb

Yaacob was born in Turisk in 1920, by his parents Yesoscher and Mother Chaya. His father owned a tailors shope, and was a well known specialist in the trade. All the family was engaged in production and enabled a reasonable living. They were a family of five children, while the oldest son Joined the underground Communist party, all the children attendet the Yiddish "Zishool". When Yaacob graduated, he began to study the family trade, and Joined the Hashomer Hazair, to 'kvuzat "Jarden". He soon became very active and one of the best members. When the Soviet union occupaied Turisk, he joined the underground of the Hashomer Hazair groups. After several months he was mobilized to the Red Army. When the Nazis invaded Russia, he was moved to the Leningrad front under siege. He fought for more then four years, was heavily wounded, remained there, in very hard sanitary conditions, poor medical assistance, lived through terrible war experiences. Was moved to the rear, there, he joined his family in refuge. When the war finished he moved back to Poland, Germany and came to Israel. He married and gave rise to three children. All the years he suffered of many illnysses, he remained Handicapped. He passed away in 2006.