Yaacov Sheaps
A central activist of Kibutz Hameuchad.

Yaacov Sheaps the son of Golda and Michael Sheaps was born Turisk in 1910. The were a wealthy family,owned a small factory To extract flax oil and to produce flax linen and animal food of olive peel. They raised five children. The family was religious traditional, but not Hassidic, as most of the Turiscians. The spoken language at home, was Yiddish. All the children attendet The "Tarbut" school, where the teaching language was Hebrew. Yaacov attendethe Heider then high school. The hachshara movement influenced the high school pupils, While in the 11th grade at the age of 17teen, together with his best friend left school to join the Klossova Hachshara point. It was a very hard stone quarry, he suffered of hunger, sicknesses, the quarry was a primitive plant. And human losses. But Yaacov remained three years. In 1930 they left for Palestine, joined Kibutz Givat Hashlosha, the center for all the Klossova Olim. He worked in agriculture, in 1933 Yaacov became the first truck driver of the Kibutz until mobilized to became an officer in the British polis Force. After graduating the polis school in Jerusalem, was appo- Inted to serve as policman-rider in Hadera. It was the beginning of the bloody riots of 1936. In 1937 Yaacov was nominated as accompanist to prof. Hayim Waizman, president of the world Zionist movement. With H. Waizman Yaacov participated the Zionist congres in Basel, in year 1939 before the war. Back in Palestine, he married his Hadera girl friend Dora,together they Joined and became members of Kibutz Givat Hayim. He became menaging director of the transportation Cooperative, Emek- Hefer, one of the first and largest transportarion cooperatives in Israel. After several years of service he was called to join the management of the building company of Hakibutz Hameuhad and Solel Boneh. And lead the giant swing of building in the Kibutzim. When Dora passed away Yaacov returned home, trying to work…He fall sick, and died in 15.9.90.