Yizhak Greenshtein
Chairman of Community Comity of Turisk

Yizhak (Iche) was born in Turisk in 1882 to his parents Idul and Riva-leah. A six children family Yizhak among the youngest. His Father Idul was a man of the world,and a businessman, wandering to South America, Europe, and many other countries. When he came back toTurisk, and settled down, it provided him Respect of the Turiscians, Jews and others. Two of his sons left For South America, but Yizhak, who was very talented , started a successful food business, became partner of the big flour mill, and other business. He married Ester,and they gave birth to seven children. Yizhak was among the first youngsters who initiated the erecting of the "Tarbut" school, the Hebrew library, and all his children attendet and studiet there. His branchet out busines brought him wide influence among the community members, specially among the masses of craftsman, handiwork Jewihs people, who were the majority in Turisk. He became the most important arbitrator and honest broker to them. This position contributed in the elections as the chairman of the community comity. He was elected three times, He enjoyed exelent relations with polish authorities, for the benefit of the community and the people. He was happy, four of his children managed to leave for Palestine in time…He shared the fate of all the Jews of Turisk in September 1942.